NASVF was a network of organizations – private, public and non-profit – who came together with a shared commitment to building their local economies by investing in local entrepreneurs.

In 1997 the group incorporated and engaged Development Capital Networks (DCN) as its manager. DCN built a vibrant membership organization with over 200 organizational members, convened more than 125 seminars, forums, and conferences, and contributed to research on the venture capital industry as a driver for economic development and innovation.

Through NASVF, DCN trained thousands of angel investors and entrepreneurs in communities across the country with two groundbreaking seminars: Seed Investment as a Team Sport aimed at angel investors, and Swing for the Fences, a seed investing course for entrepreneurs. The team also created an Innovation Finance Reference Guide, which serves as the primary curriculum for the Council of Development Finance Agencies (CDFA) seed and venture capital finance course.

In 2009, DCN passed on direct responsibility for the staff and programs to the NASVF Board of Directors.


map of NASVF Conferences, with markers on Kansas City, MO, Santa Fe, NM, San Juan, PR, Honolulu, HI, Austin, TX, Pittsburgh, PA, Baltimore, MD, Salt Lake City, UT, Philadelphia, PA, Rochester, NY, Washington, DC, Little Rock, AR, and Oklahoma City, OK.

Strategic Impact

84 seed investing seminars
28 swing for the fences seminars
13 annual conferences and venture symposiums
200+ members
3000+ people trained through our efforts